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Entry requirements : 

Entry requirement of this course are the following:

  • To have graduated with a Technical Diploma in Surveying, Geomatics or equivalent;


  • To have graduated with a university degree (B.Sc.) in land surveying/geomatics.


  • To have graduated with a university degree (B.Sc.) in a domain related to geomatics and have relevant experience in geomatics and/or hydrography.


  • To have graduated with a university degree (M.Sc.) in a domain related to geomatics and have relevant experience in geomatics and/or hydrography.

Student applications must include evidence of pre-requisite in geomatics in the following disciplines, for a minimum of two years:

  • Geodesy and land surveying;
  • Information technologies;
  • GIS and spatial data analysis;
  • Applied mathematics and statistics for geomatics applications;
  • Satellite positioning (GNSS).

Student application must include: 

  • Transcript showing that the student has validated key courses in geomatics by a mark of at least 60%;
  •  The detailed syllabus of the program they graduated from;
  • A CV including the job title(s), company name(s) and professional records showing relevant experience in hydrography;
  • All relevant diploma(s) related to hydrography.

Entry to the CIDCO course will be done by a file examination. Additional information such as references might be asked. Entry examination and/or interview might be done if the selection committee is not completely satisfied by the information provided by the candidate and to confirm that the candidate has the academic and/or professional background adequate for his admission. 


Student application must include:

  • For graduated student of a Québec DEC, French BTS, Technical Diplomas: the proof that the prerequisite course modules mentioned above have been validated by a mark of at least 60%.
  • Other students are required to send the detailed syllabus of the program they are graduated from.

For more information, you can contact Mr. Mohamed Ali Chouaer by phone at +1-418-725-1732 ext. 1890

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the employment prospects in the field?

They are very good and very varied. Indeed, there is a strong market demand for hydrographers.

Is it possible for someone who is not a Canadian resident to take the training?

Certainly, the remote part will be done from your place of residence and you will only have to travel for the 7 weeks of residence including the field project and exams. For this, we will provide you with the necessary documents and support for your visa application.

How do I know if I have the prerequisites to be admitted to the course?

You must send us a scanned copy of your training diplomas.


2021-2022 Calendar

Inscription deadline : 2021-10-01

E-Learning GSR Geodesy and spatial referencing Oct.
2021 - Dec 2021
POS Positioning
ENV Environment
TID Tides and water level Jan.
2022 - March 2022
BAT Bathymetry
NSc Nautical Science
HYD Hydrography March
2022 – Jun 2022
HDPM Hydrographic data management
Law Legalaspects


(Rimouski, Canada)
CFFP Final
Comprehensive Final Field Project
(5 weeks)
Jul 2022 - Aug 2022

2021-2022 Fees

$ 10,100.46  + taxes = $ 11,613   (canadian dollars)

E-learning course Payment deadline Cost
--Deposit on acceptation $ 731
--Payment 1 2021-09-16 $ 3293.00
--Payment 2 2021-11-15 $ 3293.00
Residential training    
--Payment 3 2022-01-20 $ 4,296.00
TOTAL   $11,613.00 CAD*

* Costs include GST and QST and are in Canadian dollars. Costs are relative to training and exclude all living expenses (accommodation, food, transportation) for on-site training.

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