Admission cat B course

To submit your application


  • Successful completion of a two year technical diploma in
    Geomatics, Land Surveying, Civil Engineering with Geomatics option;


  • Successful completion of an undergraduate programme (BSc, BEng) in land surveying or geomatics.

Student applications must provide evidence of pre-requisite in geomatics in the following disciplines, for a minimum of two years (with associated university/college credits), supplementing a +12

secondary school level:

  • Geodesy and land surveying;
  • Information technologies;
  • GIS and spatial data analysis;
  • Applied mathematics and statistics for geomatics
  • Satellite positioning (GNSS).

Documents required:

  • Copy of transcripts and diplomas :
    • For a student who has validated a DEC or AEC in Quebec, a BTS in France, or a technical degree proves that the student has obtained a mark of more than 60% in the course modules prerequisite above.
    • The other students must send the detailed plan of the program in which they validated their diploma;
  • An updated curriculum vitae.

Send us the required documents to:

For more information, you can contact mister Grégoire Ledoux by phone at (418) 725-1732 ext. 1792.


Fund transfer, by check or credit card via PayPal.

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