Consulting service

Experienced team of experts

Specialized technical support

CIDCO offers the services of its professionals for specific mandates related to hydrography.

The work done by CIDCO is geared towards companies by offering them specialized technical support.

These activities include:


Technical support for BV5000 sonar integration

CIDCO supported a Hydro-Québec team during validation trials of the BV5000 3D Scanning Sonar for infrastructure inspection in remote areas.


Support for Hydrographic Operations on Coriolis II

The CIDCO team is in charge of ensuring the integrity of the hydrographic systems of Coriolis II. It may also be called upon to support data acquisition operations.


Calibration and conformity test of the Louis-Edmond-Hamelin

CIDCO was mandated to perform the SAT (sea acceptance test) of the hydrographic survey vessel Louis-Edmond-Hamelin (LEH) and provided knowledge transfer to the research team concerning preparation, calibration and operation of hydrographic surveys.