Metrology is the science of measurement

In the field of hydrography, measurement accuracy is essential for obtaining reliable and useful data for users. CIDCO aims to develop new acquisition and error detection methods that respond to current industry issues including:

  • Sensor integration
  • Calibration
  • Error detection

Some examples of related projects:


Automated data processing of multibeam and LiDAR systems

This R&D project aims to identify sources and all errors (systematic, punctual, dynamic) in post-processing of multibeam and LiDAR data and their cleaning. It encompasses filtering by sensitivity functions and parametric identification.


Infrastructure Inspection Pole

Between 2013 and 2016, CIDCO set up a Pole of Expertise in Underwater Infrastructure Inspection with the help of ACCORD funding from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI) and numerous private actors. As part of this project several new methods and technologies have been tested and developed. For example, the design and installation of a semi-immersed reference wall is useful for validating and calibrating infrastructure inspection tools.


Automatic calibration and systematic error detection

This research and development project focuses on improving the performance of LiDAR measurement systems carried by mobile devices (ships, vehicles), which are increasingly used in the fields of coastal erosion monitoring, inspection of marine infrastructures, and coastline surveys. More informations.