Rimouski among the great centers of expertise in marine robotics and hydrospatial in the world!

Rimouski at the forefront

With the acquisition of several new tools, including autonomous vehicles and underwater vehicles, the Centre Interdisciplinaire de Développement en Cartographie des Océans (CIDCO) is proud to announce the creation of the first pole of expertise in marine robotics and hydrospatial in the Lower St. Lawrence!
Green research and development

Among the priorities of the center, several environmental projects are on the table, including applications of artificial intelligence for hydrospatial including elements such as: the protection of marine mammals, ocean pollution control, and analysis of the seabed for sustainable development.

Also on the table is a large multidisciplinary collaborative project with the main ports of the St. Lawrence (Montreal, Trois-Rivières and Quebec City) as well as partners from the rest of Canada, the United States and Europe. The objective is to automate the inspection of port infrastructures through autonomous robotics and artificial intelligence for maintenance and security purposes, a major challenge made increasingly difficult by global warming and coastal erosion.

These projects are conducted in collaboration with scientific institutions at the international level, as well as with industries, in order to provide innovative solutions to the urgent problems affecting our oceans. 

International support

In order to carry out its projects and to be able to offer state-of-the-art services to its clientele, the research and development center benefits from the financial support of the Government of Canada through Canada Economic Development, the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, the Desjardins Group fund as well as from the contributions of international partners looking for a state-of-the-art expertise developed here in Rimouski.

The Centre Interdisciplinaire de Développement en Cartographie des Océans (CIDCO) is a non-profit research and development center based in Rimouski, whose mission is to modernize hydrography towards hydrospatial. It specializes in R&D in marine geomatics, hydrospatial and works to create new marine technologies for scientific, commercial and industrial purposes. 


CIDCO Research and Development Team: Dany Doiron, Patrick Morneau and Guillaume Labbé-Morissette (Absent: Jordan McManus)

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Guillaume Labbé-Morissette
Research & Development Manager
C.: (418) 509-2611


Updated version 2021/06/22 from the original French newsletter sent 2021/06/21