CIDCO reference wall

Completion: 2014

CIDCO’s  reference wall is attached on the north face of wharf no. 1 of the Port of Rimouski (figure 1).

It consists of a fixed part (in blue on figure 2) welded to the sheet pile wall and a mobile part (in green on figure 2) that slides into the previous one. The mobile part consists of 6 concrete slabs of 1.5 metres each side. It therefore totals 9m high by 1.5m wide. The concrete slabs can be assembled in any order (figure 3).

Each plate offers shapes that attempt to mimic structural defects observable on existing infrastructures (cracks, inclusions, extrusion, change of materials, etc.). Each plate was scanned using a Handy-Scan handheld LASER scanner. The fine geometry of each plate (as of 2014) is therefore very well known.

Figure 1: Location of the CIDCO reference wall (in red).

Figure 2: Schematic model of the CIDCO reference wall.


combinaison des plaques
Figure 3: Plate combination in 2014, left, and plate combination in 2015, right.

The two bottom plates (1 and 2) are below chart datum and are therefore submerged at all times. During high tide events (water level of 4m and above), all plates (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5), except the top plate (6), are submerged.

mur reference configuration de 2014
Figure 4: 2014 configuration (image taken in September 2014).

mur de reference en 2015
Figure 5: 2015 configuration (image taken in April 2017).


The digital surface model for the CIDCO reference wall in its 2015 combination is available for download on the CIDCO FTP site.

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  • The coordinates are in NAD83(CSRS) UTM19N.
  • Altitudes are given relative to the ellipsoid.
  • X positive northward, Y positive eastward and Z positive downward.