Merry Christmas

CIDCO team, as well as its board of directors wish you happy holidays.

We look forward to working with you in 2020.


CIDCO team
From left to right,

Bottom Row: Simon Nadeau, Papa Médoune Ndir, Noémie Giguère*, Ariane Plourde*, Francis Roy*, Carole N. Côté*
Top Row : Julien Desrochers, Alain Richard*, Dominic Ndeh Munang, Jean-Charles Ledeuil, Ghislain Chouinard*, Mohamed Ali Chouaer, Dany Doiron, Denis Hains*, Guillaume Morissette, Jean-Luc Bédard*, Jean Laflamme, Richard Sanfaçon*, Jordan McManus

Missing in the picture: Sylvie Daniel * and Christian Bouchard

* member of the board of directors