hydrographic data processing software

DepthStar is a hydrographic data processing software

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Sensor Data View and Editing

Data from every sensor is readily accessible and can be filtered manually or automatically using several filters such as moving average or GPS quality (PPK only).

DephStar sensor
Viewing survey line data


Multiple sounding reduction modes are available. Depthstar can georeference each sounding with respect to the ellipsoid (ERS mode) or to the water level (WLRS mode).

Georeferencing of Fitch Bay survey on Memphremagog Lake.
Georeferencing of Fitch Bay survey on Memphremagog Lake.

Positioning methods

Depthstar supports state of the art positioning correction such as PPK (Post Processed Kinematics) and PPP (Precise Point Positioning) to improve GPS accuracy. 

Advanced Raytracing

Advanced acoustic raytracing algorithms can be used to improve your soundings’ precision by correction for refraction inside the water column. Several sound profile selection strategies are available: nearest in time, nearest in location, environment-based (freshwater or seawater), and more.

Water Level Profiles

Depthstar allows for the import of tide profiles for water level sounding reduction.

Quality Analysis

Depths are compared at each crossline intersection to validate the survey. Vertical separation at each intersection is exported to file to allow further analysis and assert that proper coverage and accuracy specifications are met.

Export and projection

Surveys can be exported to several projections (UTM, MTM).

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