New Acquisition Platforms

CIDCO explores methods and tools to facilitate the logistics of data acquisition in shallow water. Minimizing the weight of the craft and the instruments, ensuring the versatility and maximizing the sonar coverage are all factors that ensure the success of the operations. Moreover, the solutions aim at reducing survey costs in order to make them more compatible with the technical and financial means of small and medium enterprises.

High-resolution Mapping

CIDCO's equipments allow for precision levels varying from meter to centimetre-level precision depending on the survey context. This precision enables identification of objects on the seabed, buried under sedimentary layers or suspended in the water column. Moreover, the survey data is used to produce both bathymetric and backscatter imagery of the seabed.

Seabed Characterization

Spatial analysis tools allow CIDCO to develop methodologies aimed at classifying the nature of the seabed and at characterizing benthic habitats. The results of these analyses facilitate the protection, management and sustainable exploitation of marine resources.

Integration and Data Dissemination

CIDCO believes in the advent of hydrography 2.0. As such, it explores integration and dissemination strategies of bathymetric and navigation data by and for nonexpert users.

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