Artificial reefs lobsters Phase 3

  • 01 January 2014

In order to support the Gaspésie lobster stocks and ensure the sustainability of this industry, the Coalition of Professional fishermen of southern Gaspé (RPPSG) installed three areas of artificial reefs on three zones identified as 1) Anse à Brillant; 2) Anse à Beaufils et 3) Port-Daniel. As part of Phase 3, The RPPSG CIDCO seeks to achieve a new bathymetric survey on each of the areas of artificial reefs in order to supply the temporal monitoring of structures.

Code 1415-405

Status : Active

Project leader : Coralie Monpert

Persons involved : Sylvain Gautier, Alain St-Pierre, Coralie Monpert

Equipments deployed : Multifaisceau RESON Seabat 7125 SV, Centrale de positionnement et d'attitude APPLANIX POS MV 320, Vélocimètre de coque RESON SVP 71, POSPac Software, QINsy Survey Software, Caris HIPS&SIPS Software

Boats : F.-J.- SAUCIER - Vedette hydrographique CIDCO

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