Port de Rimouski

  • 01 January 2009

CIDCO has been contacted by Meridian Maritime Inc. to use acoustic remote sensing tools to evaluate the dredging area located at the west end of the Port of Rimouski. The parameters are mapped bathymetry and potential obstacles to the excavation of sediments in shallow water.

Hydroacoustic surveys were conducted aboard the Bec-Scie, October 1st and 2nd 2009 during periods of high tides which allowed surveys to be at very low depths of up to 1 meter above the chart datum.

High-density surveys have produced a surface bathymetric and backscatter imagery to classify the substrate in 4 density classes and to identify some objects on the bottom. Seismic surveys have also identified an interface below the sea floor and locate objects beneath the surface.

Code 414-0910

Status : Completed

Project leader : Yanick Larue

Persons involved : Mathieu Rondeau

Partners : Nippour

Equipments deployed : Interféromètre SEA SwathPlus-M, Centrale de positionnement et d'attitude CODA OCTOPUS F180, Système de radio communication DGPS CSI MBX-3S, Profileur vélocimétrique VALEPORT MiniSVP

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