Canadian Arctic Bathymetry Data Compilation and Assessment

  • 01 January 2013

This reports aims to explain the dynamics of North Canada marine charting development, in relation with the availability of technological resources, from the early 20th century. We detail the development of maritime corridors, routes and the associated requirements in terms of marine charts, taking into account the specificity of arctic waters navigation constraints.

Code 1213-409

Status : Completed

Project leader : Jean-Guy Nistad

Persons involved : Jean Laflamme, Jean-Guy Nistad, Mathieu Rondeau, Nicolas Seube, Sylvain Gautier

Partners : Service hydrographique du Canada

Files : Canadian Arctic Bathymetry_Rapport-final-CIDCO.pdf, Canadian Arctic Bathymetry_Rapport-final-CIDCO - English.pdf

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