Control dredging alongside in Bécancour

  • 01 January 2013

The Groupe Synergis is associated with the CIDCO to accompany him on a mandate to control dredging alongside in Bécancour. Three multibeam surveys are planned:

  • First survey before dredging to start the tender for dredging.
  • A second survey just before the work to confirm the exact volume of material to be dredged.
  • A third survey just after work to confirm that the volume of material to be dredged has actually been extracted.

Code 1213-751 Dragage B?cancour_Synergis

Status : Active

Project leader : Mathieu Rondeau

Persons involved : Yves Chabot, Maria Caudal, Sylvain Gautier, Alain St-Pierre, Coralie Monpert

Partners : Synergis

Equipments deployed : Multifaisceau RESON Seabat 7125 SV, Centrale de positionnement et d'attitude CODA OCTOPUS F180, Centrale de positionnement et d'attitude APPLANIX POS MV 320, Profileur vélocimétrique VALEPORT MiniSVP, QINsy Survey Software, Multifaisceau RESON Seabat 8125

Boats : Louis-Edmond-Hamelin, F.-J.- SAUCIER - Vedette hydrographique CIDCO

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