Bathymétrie Ste-Luce

  • 01 January 2009

On November 13, 14 and 15 2009, survey work with an interferometer SwathPlus-M sonar have been made to produce a bathymetric surface of the bay of Sainte-Luce. Covering an area of 5.94 km ², this fieldwork was conducted during periods of high tide to cover areas with very shallow depths of up to -2.5 m relative to chart datum.

To reduce project costs, a partial recovery survey was done with the delineation of four survey areas: A1 (50%), A2 (30%), B1 (20%) and C1 (20%). A sampling of bottom sediments was also performed. 18 samples were collected with the boat and from shore at low tide. These samples are available for particle size analysis.

Code 417-0910

Status : Completed

Project leader : Yanick Larue

Persons involved : Yves Chabot

Equipments deployed : Interféromètre SEA SwathPlus-M, Centrale de positionnement et d'attitude CODA OCTOPUS F180, Swath Processor Software, Vélocimètre de coque VALEPORT miniSVS

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